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Art | Solidarity | Love

Wednesday 20 December to Tuesday 9 January


The Exhibition

Art | Solidarity | Love brings a mixed group show of exceptional artwork to The Margate Gallery at TMS.


Each piece has been generously donated and its sale will create funds to offer financial support to students at TMS.


It’s also a great way to begin or add to your own art collection, with pieces from Gerald Scarfe, Eduardo Paolozzi, Shepard Fairey and Margo McDaid (aka Margo in Margate).

The Reason Why

"The Margate School is a little utopia where thoughts and ideas can come to live and breathe outside the confines of the everyday."

European Fine Art Masters alumni

The Margate School and community are deeply grateful to the established artists who, by donating so generously, are enabling support and shaping the future of emerging fine artists, visual communicators, sound specialists, photographers and film makers.

By purchasing one of these artworks you will be creating an opportunity for growth, employability and development of practice.


The Artists

A long list of incredible artists from around the world have extremely generously donated their works in order to help raise funds to support students requiring financial assistance at The Margate School. During the Art | Solidarity | Love exhibition, works from the following artists will be on show in the gallery:

Hassan Hajjaj

Shepard Fairey

Gerald Scarfe

Russell Young

Margo in Margate

Eduardo Paolozzi

Chana Helen

Bran Symondson

Dan Baker

Michael Korber

Plus more to be confirmed...

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