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Desire Lines


The Exhibition

The title Desire Lines refers to the formation of unplanned pathways made collectively through movement of either humans or animals. They are a physical trace of our individual and collective decision-making and the paths we follow and exist throughout the natural landscape, as well as being visible in the urban environment, where they may form an alternative to the prescribed routes.

The Exhibition is a reflection of our journeys as artists, how we interact with our environment, how we tread new paths and explore either physically and metaphorically the world around us. It also embodies the relationship we have as a group, and how our paths may merge or fork in unpredictable ways, and how those desire lines have shaped us and our creative practice.

The Works

The work presented here is a response from each artist to the theme, exploring the paths they have taken and their relationship with the environment in which they live.

This exhibition brings together recent alumni of The Margate School's European Fine Art Masters, and encompasses sculpture, drawing, film, sound, performance and photography where found objects, textile, natural and everyday materials are central.


The Artists

Desire Lines is a collaborative exhibition by the following 8 artists:

Cheri Allcock

Esme Bone

Mat Doran

Sophie Parker

Anna Presilia

Nicola Roper

Dominic Rose

Willow Winston

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